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When we found Ladeira Branca Hill, we had that feeling of being just one little step away from fulfilling a dream… Besides meeting our needs of installation of the kennel, the place had the ideal profile to realize our project, because it had a unique identity. The abandonment and the graffiti hid walls made out of taipa and tile, that could be recovered – a true treasure here in this featureless Algarve!
Excellent location, a few beautiful almond trees and a classic example of traditional Portuguese architecture, of ancient techniques, built in the days when Portuguese water dogs still worked with fishermen – what else could we ask for?
… And this was how found the courage and strength for the huge job that had to be done! The pictures give just a small insight of the work, because only to cover the graffiti were needed many lime buckets and a lot of optimism and energy from Rodrigo!... This work still goes on and the whitewash is one of the gestures that we repeat every year, with lots of dedication and care, in order to preserve and embellish Casa da Buba.
We are proud of our work and we are grateful for the support from our family and friends.
Maria José Lains